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Rehabilitation or Relaxation Massage Services

Services and Rates

Anthony DeLaCruz, LMT is well versed in Rehabilitative Massage techniques as well as the Relaxation Massage techniques that most people associate with the word "massage." Rehabilitation Massage attempts to correct specific problems in the soft tissue or symtoms caused by such problems. This is specific work and in no way resembles a Relaxation Massage. If you are in pain and your pain is muscle or nerve related, it is very possible that Rehabilitation Massage could help you overcome and correct the underlying problem. This type of massage is convered by the Bureau of Worker's Compensation. If you have a BWC claim and your doctor has prescribed massage therapy Mr. DeLaCruz is certified to cover Bureau of Worker's Compensation claims for massage therapy.

Types of Rehabilitation Massage techniques employed by Anthony DeLaCruz, LMT include Neuromuscular Therapy, Myofascial Release, CranioSacral Therapy, Orthobionomy, Lymph Drainage Therapy, Native American Massage and Myokinesthetics.

Anthony's Relaxation Massage consists of Swedish Massage combined with other massage techniques blended into a wonderful, relaxing experience. Relieving stress, increasing circulation and promoting removal of toxins from the tissues.

For those of you wishing to experience energetic work Anthony DeLaCruz, LMT is a Reiki Master and also knows advanced CranioSacral and Orthobionomy techniques that involve energy work. He is also a Medicine Man and employs some native energetic work when led to do so. Mr. DeLaCruz has also done distant healing energy work with great success.

If you are planning a party or corporate event you may want to think about treating your guests, clients or employees to chair massage. Chair massage has also been shown to increase productivity of employees especially during those hours just following lunch when our energy levels dip a bit. Rates for Chair Massage events are negotiable and can be paid by the company or by the employees, guests or clients themselves.



Rates are as follows: $40.00 1/2hour

                               $75.00 hour

                               $115.00 hour and a half

                               $150.00 2 hours

                               $80.00 Native American Massage                             



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